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Today and tomorrow in Northampton!


Valve: an Antique Vaudeville Circus

TWO performances, Saturday night (7:30) and Sunday matinee (3:00).

Through the long, cold winter six acrobats in collaboration with a troupe of talented musicians have been creating a dazzling production steeped in rhythmic fanfare. Valve” takes its cast and places them at a tea party when time stops. Hosted by an enigmatic ringmaster, performances include Single Point Trapeze, Partner Trapeze, Aerial Double Slings, Partner Acrobatics, Hand Balancing, Contortion, Diablo, Tumbling, and Aerial Chains. The show features live music by Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band and. As time stops, the adventure begins!

Tickets are available through the Northampton Center for the Art's website:


ENSMB is so excited to be a part of this! We hope all of our friends and fans in western MA will come out to see it.
asa no ha gusari

Johnny D's - TONIGHT!

We just got back from a weekend of rocking and rolling in Austin, showing off some new tunes to boot -- we had 9 performances in a mere 48 hours, and as an ENSeMBle we've never been hotter or tighter! Whenever the band does an all-weekend lovefest like this, afterwards it's clear we've leveled up in a big way...

...so all the more reason to come see us tonight at Johnny D's with Bury Me Standing, Ansambl Mastika, and Bulgarian dance troupe Ludo Mlado!

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